Mostly Genesis With A Little Exodus





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This CD covers some of the wondrous stories found in the first book of the Bible, Genesis. In preparing the verses I have tried to be as true to the text as possible while still making them interesting and fun to sing. Starting with the biblical story of the Creation and ending with Joseph and Pharaoh’s Dreams covers most of the book of Genesis. This period includes the10 generations from Adam to Noah, and after the flood another 10 generations from Noah to Abraham (or Avraham in Hebrew). The final song is from the second book of the Bible or Exodus which deals with story of Moses and Pharaoh. This CD tries to bring these stories to life with lyrics that are original and blended with different musical styles. These include Folk, Reggae, Klezmer, Country Music as well as Rap.


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Artist: Shelley Werner
Title: Third Day of Creation